Pandemic Illness (Including Covid-19)

CDC illustration of COVID-19

正规靠谱赌博软件 will no longer require faculty, staff, or students to report exposure to Covid-19 or a positive Covid-19 test. Nonetheless, 正规靠谱赌博软件 recommends following the current CDC guidance for isolation and/or precautions concerning Covid-19 exposure or a positive test. The following resources are provided to assist faculty, staff, and students with information concerning prevention, symptoms and what to do if testing positive for Covid-19 or if exposed to Covid-19, as well as other viruses such as Flu and RSV.

Communication Guidelines

  • If you are an employee or supervisor of an employee that needs information on absences or leave related to Covid-19 illness or related, please contact the Human Resource Department at (409) 984-6537.
  • Students should make contact directly with their faculty member to determine class policy for illness related to absences.
  • Students enrolled in certain Allied Health programs might be required to adhere to clinical site Covid-19 policy and procedures.